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Every Wednesday evening from 7pm to 8, facilitated by David Taylor  

Our studies alternate between the scriptures and prayer practices. Past studies have included: The Four Ancient Ways of Reading Scripture, The Anglican Way of Praying, Naming our Interpretive Lenses, The Drama of the Liturgy, & Christians Believe What?!  

This Fall

we focus on the wisdom tradition of our faith. 

September 19th 

An Introduction. What is wisdom? What are the traditions of wisdom handed down to us?

September 26th 

Wisdom in the Book of Job. The wisdom of argument and silence.

October 3rd 

Wisdom in the Psalms. The wisdom of the path and the law.

There is no gathering on October 10th

October 17th

Wisdom in Proverbs. The wisdom of the mundane.

October 24th

Wisdom in Solomon's writings. The wisdom of life and love.

 There is no gathering on October 31st 

November 7th

Wisdom in Ecclesiastes. The wisdom of the depressed.

 November 14th

Wisdom in Sirach. The wisdom of friendship.

November 21st

Wisdom in Matthew. Jesus is wisdom.

November 28th