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Every Wednesday evening from 7pm to 8, facilitated by David Taylor  

Our studies alternate between the scriptures and prayer practices. Past studies have included: The Four Ancient Ways of Reading Scripture, The Anglican Way of Praying, Naming our Interpretive Lenses, The Drama of the Liturgy, & Christians Believe What?!  

This Easter Season on Wednesday evenings we will explore the themes of the Book of the Revelation to John.

April 24

Revelation 1-3: The Context of the Apocalypse and the call to martyrdom?

May 1

Revelation 4-8: The Language of the Apocalypse and the Lamb-Lion

May 8

Revelation 8-11: The History of Interpretation of the Apocalypse and the Prophecy.

May 15

Revelation 12-15: The Beast thing.

May 22 - No meeting


May 29

Revelation 19-22: And all manner of things shall be well.