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Every Wednesday evening from 7pm to 8, facilitated by Rev. David Taylor  

Our studies alternate between the scriptures and prayer practices. Past studies have included: The Four Ancient Ways of Reading Scripture, The Anglican Way of Praying, Naming our Interpretive Lenses, The Drama of the Liturgy, & Christians Believe What?!  

All are welcome to this drop-in study group. No registration is required and attendance is not taken!

September 11: How to Read Scripture (Part I)

Becoming aware of our lenses

September 18: How to Read Scripture (Part II)

Listening FOR God's Word in Scripture

September 25: How to Read Scripture (Part III)

Practicing the 4 ancient ways of reading Scripture

October 2: The Foundational Stories of our Faith (Part I)

the Good Creation

October 9: The Foundational Stories of our Faith (Part II)

the Garden & the Curse

October 16: The Foundational Stories of our Faith (Part III)

the Flood, the Ark, & the New Creation

October 23: The Foundational Stories of our Faith (Part IV)

the Exodus & Mount Sinai

October 30: The Foundational Stories of our Faith (Part V)

the Kingdom & the Exile

November 6: The Women around Jesus (Part I)

Mother Mary & Jesus

November 13: The Women around Jesus (Part II)

Mary Magdelene, Joanna, Susanna & Jesus

November 20: The Women around Jesus (Part III)

Mary, Martha & Jesus

November 27: The Women around Jesus (Part IV)

Unnamed Foreign Women & Jesus