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Facilitator: Marisa Farr (RCC, MA)

Bring a book, fiction or non-fiction, to share with the group that connects in any way with the theme of the month. A book you love, one that has influenced you, or made some kind of impact on your life. Reading can open our minds and facilitate transformation, spiritual shifts, and bring joy into our lives. So lets share and discuss books that have moved us. This book club gathering is open to any and all book lovers.


Marisa is a registered clinical counselor by day and an avid book lover at all other times. She is currently part of 2 book clubs and when she is not reading she enjoys hiking, camping, traveling, and connecting with friends.

September 20 Registration

October 18 Registration

November 15 Registration

December 13 Registration


If you are able, consider registering and giving a $10 donation to support the work being done through the Centre for Spiritual Renewal.