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Supporting PWRDF

PWRDF’s Mission is “Working towards a fully just, healthy & peaceful world”. They seek to support the most vulnerable, those most in need who do not have supports from other places.  Their work is done in conjunction with local Partner organizations who know the needs of their community. All help is given in a culturally sensitive manner.  Even when a program comes to an end there are residual benefits to the community, such as better food security from livestock, improved farming methods and access to clean water as well as fully trained local people to carry on the work. PWRDF recognizes that everyone is our neighbour and reaches out to help on behalf of all Canadian Anglicans.  This is one way we can live out the Gospel teaching to seek and serve Christ in all people.  

“What does the Lord require of you, but to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God”

Micah 6:8    

Advent Project

“Buy the Whole Farm” is our project for Advent 2020. This project, in conjunction with local Partner groups, will help communities in 5 different countries improve their food security and become more resilient in the face of our changing climate.  This gift is valued at $570.00 and it includes:


Giving 3 goats, with appropriate training, to a Community Health Worker (CHW). These CHW’s may be responsible for the health of up to 20 families in their community. Having the goats, & the training to care for them will augment the small stipend they receive and enable them to provide food security & additional income to their families. Value $170.00


Giving 1 donkey. Access to drinking water may be a long-distance for many families to travel.  Having a strong animal to carry water will be a major asset to many, especially older people who are unable to carry enough water per trip. Value $185.00


Providing 5 chickens along with training in organic farming and also in the care of chicken to a group of rural women. As quick producers of protein-rich eggs & meat, chickens improve nutrition, food security, and additional income to families. Value   $30.00  

Also, training in hydroponic farming will be given to farmers in highland areas of Colombia where there is severe drought or water is not accessible. Hydroponics uses much less water than traditional farming methods.  This will improve food security & give additional income opportunities. Value   $50.00


Providing 1 electric water pump will help to irrigate crops to increase the production and consumption of healthy food/produce, thus increasing food security. Value $100.00


A gift of 15kg of grain seed will be of great benefit to farmers who lost so much in the wake of Cyclone Idai in March 2019. It will give them a chance to increase their food security and they will also learn how to be more resilient to climate changes. Value.  $35.00  

As we progress in our fundraising, our miniature farm will be augmented by each gift until the farm is complete. Photographs of the growing farm will be available on the website, perhaps even in the Newsletter. Please keep PWRDF & all their partner organizations in your prayers this Advent, especially, as they too are grappling with the Covid-19 pandemic.