Children's Catechism

One of the roots of the ancient word Catechism (the teaching of the church) is the word Echo.

When we nurture our children's spiritual growth we are primarily teaching them who to echo (repeat, imitate) and what is good to echo (repeat, imitate).

These lessons do not contain the theological depths of each topic. Rather we hope they open the door of your child's heart to wonder, love and faith.

Each Lesson will be about 15-20 minutes & will involve both adult & child. 

Here is an overview:

Part 1: Our Faith (Lessons 1-18)

These lessons follow the statements of the Apostles' Creed.

Part 2: Our Church (Lessons 19-28)

In production. These lessons wonder about the things we do at church.

Part 3: Our Life (Lessons 29-39)

In Production. These lessons wonder how we live our lives according to Jesus' way.

Part 4: Our Prayer (Lessons 40-48)

In Production. These lessons follow the Lord's Prayer.

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