January - April 2020 Program is Here!

We are always seeking to be transformed by the inner working of God through study, personal prayer and spiritual practice.

St. Dunstan's Centre for Spiritual Renewal is our method of doing this. Our Centre provides a wide variety of spiritual support and practices to help us on our Christian journey. Retreats, Conferences, study groups, practitioner groups, prayer groups, spiritual direction and more are offered at St. Dunstan's. We want to connect you to the things that will help you grow in the grace.

The Centre for Spiritual Renewal is a ministry for Christian Transformation.

All who desire to follow Christ and grow more in the inage of God are welcome.

All who are on a spiritual journey are welcome.

All who are curious are welcome.

All who are tired and need rest are welcome.

All are welcome.

Click on the following links and download our January to April 2020 program! (You can also pick up a program from St. Dunstan's)

 January to April 2020 Program


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