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Dear friends in Christ,

I pray this Summer to be one of peace and refreshment for you and those you love.

If you can, turn the news off and spend some time in a forest or a garden or by a river or ocean. Feel the love of God in your bones and know deep in your heart that the love and goodness of God undergird all that is. We sometimes forget because of the other energies and powers that infect our hearts and minds.

So if you feel especially infected by thoughts of despair or hopelessness, then feed your heart. Do this by coming to church and eating the bread and drinking the wine of our hope. Do this by opening the stories of Jesus or of the saints and leaning on their witness of God's love. Do this by praying for your neighbours, this world, and your own dear heart. Do this by spending time in nature.

I look forward to hearing how you connected with God this Summer when I am back in October.

The peace and love of God our Creator be with you.