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PWRDF Lytton Fire Emergency Fund

This Advent season we are bringing our focus close to home and choosing to support the people of the Village of Lytton, B.C, in the Territory of the People. As I’m sure you remember from the news, a devastating wildfire swept through the community in late June, destroying almost everything in its path. Some residents escaped with nothing but the clothes on their backs. They have lost everything, and not all of them had insurance. Small business owners have also been severely impacted, and with them, neighbouring community residents who relied on those stores and other central services.

PWRDF immediately sent a solidarity grant of $5,000 but with over 1200 people suddenly homeless this money did not last long! Further donations to the “PWRDF Lytton Fire Emergency Fund” are accumulating, as well as funds going directly to the territory, but much is needed for future day-to-day recovery. Community members are currently scattered, living with family, friends or in hotels while they wait to hear about future plans for their homes.

Our tangible support as well as our prayers will let the congregations of St. Barnabas, (relatively untouched by the fire) and St. Mary and St. Paul (located on Lytton First Nation land and was totally destroyed) know that we are still thinking of them, and caring about them even if the news spotlight has moved on.

Please give what you can for this outreach.
Donations can be e-transferred to the church by emailing:
Or brought in to the church office or at Sunday services.

Thank you for your support!!
Lin Neifert
PWRDF Parish rep.