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July 13 - 18
Finding Strength and Healing in All of Life
Retreat Experiences for Loss and Suffering
Facilitated by Lorie Martin & Katherine Murray
We are not usually prepared for the incomprehensible losses that can happen in our lives, such as a pandemic, loss of job or relationship, broken hopes or dreams, or even death. It is good to take time to reflect and notice what may be unsettled or unhealed within us. Jesus meets us in these tender places bringing us love and healing. Rumi calls this “Making Peace with the Thorns”. These retreat experiences offer time to be with and understand the various losses and sufferings in our lives. We will experience God’s Presence with us to help us process to places of deeper peace and wellness. Coming close to our pain and suffering brings light into the heavy darkness we may be carrying. Each of these sessions can be a single experience or they can build upon each other. We will enjoy times in prayer, creative expressions, nature experiences, and sharing in community. One-on-one sessions are also available for Spiritual Direction or Listening Prayer Ministry throughout the week. Sorrento Centre : Is located on the beautiful Shuswap Lake, B.C. - a place of inspiration, gathering, and growth. Sorrento Centre's gates and doors and farm and waterfront are now open to welcome you. You are invited to a new summer experience that will nurture and nourish your body, engage and enliven your mind, and heal and honour your spirit. With more intimate gatherings, individually prepared meals, safe cleaning and distancing procedures, creative art, music and worship opportunities, it will be a summer to heal, relax, reconnect and feel alive in God’s creation.
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August 3 - 8
Celtic Treasures
Exploring & Experiencing Celtic Spirituality
Facilitated by David Taylor & Lorie Martin
In this course we will learn and engage the deep wells of Christian Celtic Spirituality to be refreshed in our true Essence and re-oriented in the essential goodness of all of Creation. We will be recalled to the holy work of listening to the heartbeat of God in quiet, through community, in the sacred utterances of creation, through spiritual practices and compassionate action. Time will be spent exploring Celtic themes through circle gatherings, Celtic chants, Morning Prayer overlooking the lake, and hands-on art and nature stations. Together we will build a Celtic Cross in nature connecting with the elements and praying for the Earth. The brave may even circle dance!
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August 10 - 15
More Celtic Treasures (as above)
Facilitated by David Taylor & Andrew Halliday
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