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This coming Sunday at coffee time we will have a "town hall" gathering to explore some questions as we prepare to put together a snap shot of who we are to help those Priests whom God will be nudging to apply discern their call to serve as rector here. Please come and gather together for about an hour of fun at coffee time as we encourage one another and discern together the witness of the parish. The questions we will be exploring are as follows:

Town Hall Questions

These questions are to help gather information for the writing of the Parish Profile in preparation for calling our new Rector.

 1)   What do you most value/appreciate about the parish? How would you describe the parish’s identity? What does it uniquely offer its members and prospective members?

  2)  What are the challenges that the parish faces?

  3)  What are some goals you would like to see the parish focus on in the next two to three years? These can be goals related to the ministry of the parish to the community and ways in which the parish can nurture its people as disciples of Jesus.

  4)  What are the qualities and experience that the parish desires in its next Rector that will assist the parish in meeting  the goals and nurturing its identity?