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the Gospel according to Matthew (5:21-37)
Vision Sunday

What is this thing called Vestry?

Vestry is an old word that means Dressing Room. It is where the priests funny clothes are stored. In older times the Vestry was also the space where meetings took place. In one room you would have both deep conversations about the life of the congregation, & the smell of mothballs.

At St. Dunstans we have kept the word Vestry as the name of our annual general meeting. It is also the name of the assembled members who will take council together. Today we, the Vestry, have our Vestry meeting. Fun, isnt it?

According to the rules of the Diocese of New Westminster, the Vestry of a Parish shall consist of all baptized persons of the age of sixteen or over who are accustomed worshippers within the Parish & whose names have been on the Membership Roll of the Parish for at least three months preceding the Vestry Meeting.

According to these same rules, you can vote on a motion at Vestry if you have within the preceding twelve months provided an identifiable commitment of time, talents or financial resources to the Parish or have been in receipt of the ministrations of the Parish because of illness or any other incapacity shall have the right to vote at any Vestry Meeting.

Today we want everyone to leave having a good grasp on the vision for the next year. Please take the time to pray for the people gathered here that we might be drawn ever nearer into the mission & ministry of God in our neighbourhoods & in the wider world, with Jesus Christ, our Friend & Helper. Amen.