Exodus (24:12-18); Matthew (17:1-9)
Commitment Sunday

Is there anything scarier than Commitment Sunday?

Through the season after the Epiphany, we explored the 6 promises we make at baptism. We wondered whether it was worth following Jesus & dared to say, “We will with God’s Help.” On the eve of Lent, we have dedicated this time to seriously consider how we can practically participate in the baptized life. The four commitments we are invited to make are

Presence, Service, Spiritual Growth & Giving.
Our commitments are not a burden, but an invitation to explore the life of God in this place, at this time.

We know God is walking with every one of us for God is our Creator & seeks our wellbeing. We know that Christ will lead us into transformation, for Christ is our Friend & Helper.
We know that the Spirit of God refreshes
& empowers us, for God’s Spirit is the Spirit of Life.

With confidence, hope, joy & love, let us commit to God & to one another to participate in the life of God at the Parish of St. Dunstan.