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Christ is risen!

Through the weeks of Easter we will be looking at the readings from the Revelation to John, commonly called the Apocalypse. It is filled with incredible Visions of God meant to encourage those who were persecuted for being part of the early Christian community. Revelation’s Visio Dei (Vision of God) can inspire and guide us today as we participate in God’s vision for us and the world.  

Today we marvel that God is coming soon. For two-thousand years the followers of Jesus have been declaring that God is coming soon. So, um, how soon is soon? And are we actually still waiting? Could God already be here? Could it be that God comes as soon as people witness to God’s faithfulness and love in the midst of adversity and despair? Could it be that whenever we open our doors wider and invite people to come in to safety and rest, then God has come? Come, Holy Spirit, come.

This is a service of Holy Communion.  All are welcome.