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The exquisite Loon Lake Retreat Centre, Maple Ridge BC, is the perfect location for a Spring get-away! On this retreat we will engage with Jesus as a wisdom teacher, wonder about wisdom as it relates to God’s teaching (Torah/Law), and explore an experiential knowing of wisdom through awareness of wisdom as God's active Presence in our lives and the world. This retreat includes time outdoors enjoying the beauty, the meditation path or hiking, painting workshops (no experience needed), and soaking in sound meditations. There is limited rooms available, so book yours as soon as you can!

Painting with Herta Klassen & Sound Meditation with Maria Koehn

The Wonder of Creativity: "In this setting of beauty, it will be my joy to lead you into an experience of opening yourself to the power of things to stir your soul. We are going to let nature take the lead in inviting us into wonder, from wonder into creativity, and from creaivity into a soul feast."
Herta lives with her husband Ken at Nicola Lake near Merritt BC. Nature is her open-air cathedral and art is how she expresses her gratefulness for life and all the things beautiful.

Healing Sound Meditation: "My passion for sound healing is holding space for sacred spiritual experiences for people who participate. It's always my intention for people to experience God through the sessions."
Maria is a certified sound healer working with individuals and groups to reduce stress and anxiety. She is a favorite at Loon Lake retreats and any time!

Registration: (includes 6 meals)
$490 - Shared room (2 people)
$590 - Private room
(limited number)
$250 - Day only (includes Sat & Sun lunches, and Sat supper)
Less $50 if you want to bring your own sheets and towels.
To apply for scholarships: lorie@loriemartin.

 Image by Piotr Siedlecki (Public Domain Images)