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To the members of the Parish of St. Dunstan,  

You are invited to the

Annual General Vestry Meeting on Sunday, February 12th at 10am  

At this meeting we will

  1. Receive the ministry and financial reports of 2022
  2. Elect members to Parish Council
  3. Approve the budget for 2023  

All people 16 years or older who have attended the parish of St. Dunstan and whose names are written on our roll for the last 3 months are members of Vestry. All persons 16 years or older who in the past 12 months have provided an identifiable commitment of time, talents or financial resources to the parish or who been in receipt of the ministrations of the Parish because of illness or other incapacity shall have the right to vote.  

Grace and Peace to you,  

The Reverend David Taylor, Rector

Janette Kovacs, Warden

Lesley Wieler, Warden