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Registration for new events is now OPEN!

Welcome to the Center for Spiritual Renewal. This ministry of Christian formation is at the heart of the Parish of St. Dunstan.    

We all have spiritual hunger. The events planned for this Fall through the Centre are meant to meet this hunger and empower us to be Followers of Jesus in new and dynamic ways. Please share the events with your friends and family and be sure to connect with us here at the Centre.  

Now more than ever, it seems, we need to dedicate our hearts to prayer and hope. There is enough despair. There is enough disillusionment. As we choose to move forward in a world so weighed down with pain, let us go with the courage of Jesus Christ, our Friend and Helper. Amen.    

The Reverend David Taylor

Rector of the Parish of St. Dunstan, Executive Director of the Centre for Spiritual Renewal  ST-DUNSTANS.CA  604.856.5393

The Reverend Lorie Martin

          Associate Director of the Centre for Spiritual Renewal 604.217.6966

See the Centre for Spiritual Renewal for details & registration links