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The Epic of King David

This Summer we will follow the stories of King David. David was, for the early church, a primary figure to help them understand who Jesus is. Every three years we get to explore these stories and wonder where David's stories coincide with Jesus' stories and how David is an example for us to both imitate and ignore.

July 8: David is crowned King

We wonder what makes a good leader, how we can be good leaders and how Jesus is a leader like David.

July 15: David brings the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem

We wonder what it takes to bring God into the centre of our lives, how joy is a sign of God's presence and how the early Church saw Jesus ministry as reestablishing true worship.

July 22: Davis wants to build God a temple; God wants to build David a house.

We wonder about our capacity as humans to be both good and do violence, how God gives good and perfect gifts and why Jesus is able to build an eternal temple.

July 29: A break from David's Epic to have a Service of Morning Prayer.

August 5: David is a murderer.

We wonder what to do with our leaders who commit terrible acts, how we need God's judgment and why Jesus is our judge.

August 12: David faces family problems

We wonder why our relationships aren't perfect, how we are constantly baffled by our family and how Jesus mourns for the lost and lonely ones.

August 19: David dies and Solomon asks for wisdom

We wonder about passing things on from generation to generation, how wisdom is gained and how Jesus hands his ministry to us.

August 26: Solomon builds the temple

We wonder about our ability to fulfill the dreams of our ancestors, how we are the temple of God and how Jesus fulfills God's vision for the world.