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Our Vision

In 2020, Vestry approved the plan to move forward with developing a Garden of Remembrance to complete the building plan begun over a decade ago. Using the same architects that designed our main building, the Garden of Remembrance Committee presented a beautiful garden plan based on a Celtic cross. The plan includes space for sitting, power for outdoor services, and a monument that will name those whose ashes have been scattered.

Their work has not only been aesthetic, they have also worked to ensure the Garden of Remembrance complies with the laws of British Columbia and follow the canons (rules) of the Diocese.

And they have worked to ensure we have an excellent financial foundation to build this project. The committee applied for and received a $10,000 grant from the Anglican Foundation, a private donation of $10,000, and a loan from the Anglican Foundation of $40,000 (with a 5% yearly interest repayable over 15 years, as is their custom).

Based on this work, Parish Council approved moving forward on this project with a total budget of $90,000.

With the architectural and financial foundations set, the Committee is ready to take on a financial campaign to raise $70,000.

What is a Garden of Remembrance?

So, that's the vision. But why have it at all?

God's love for us and this world is eternal, extending back to our spiritual ancestors and forward to our spiritual descendants. We honour those who came before us and we prepare the way for those who come after.

The Garden of Remembrance will be a space to be still and reflect on this.

It will be the space our loved ones' ashes can be scattered and where we can come to remember them.

It will be a place to celebrate Holy Communion in the presence of God's children, living and dead.

And it will be a place of beauty where we can be refreshed in our hearts.

From birth to death, and all the moments in between, the people of the Parish of St. Dunstan walk with each other through all the stages of life, with Jesus Christ, our Friend and Helper.  

Join the Campaign

Beginning in December, we will invite people to donate to this project. And there are many ways to do it!

  • A one-time gift
  • A monthly gift
  • A 2-5 year financial commitment

Donations may be made in-person, by phone, by mail, or through our online CanadaHelps page.

Click on the button below to give online, or simply to see our fundraising progress bar.

Give Now

All donations come with the option of paying tribute to a loved one.

Over the next couple of weeks and months, members of the Garden Committee will connect with you to ask how you can participate in giving. We will arrange a virtual meeting through Zoom to go over the plan with you and answer your questions.

I have some questions now...

There are many helpers in this exciting project.


If you have questions about the construction of the Garden of Remembrance, please contact Charlie Fox. 


If you have questions about giving to the Garden of Remembrance, please contact Alistair Jackson.

Request a Virtual Information Meeting

If you would like to discuss the Garden of Remembrance project, please connect with the Reverend David Taylor.

We can all be reached through the parish office at 604.856.5393 or at Please note the office is currently only open on Wednesdays between 9 and noon due to the pandemic.