The Three Holy Days

As we move into the Three Great Days of the Church Calendar (Maundy Thursday, Good Friday & Holy Saturday), I encourage you to consider setting time aside for self-reflection and prayer.

Holy Week is human life in concentrate. It includes the highest highs and the lowest lows side by side. And through it all we are called to walk on and have courage. 

  • I wonder where you are in your faith journey.
  • I wonder how you might reconnect with God at this time.
  • I wonder if you notice Jesus walking with you.

Maundy Thursday begins at 6pm with footwashing and dinner. Come celebrate the anniversary of the Lord's Supper.

Good Friday is a solemn service with a reading of the Passion narrative at 10am.

Holy Saturday is the first taste of Easter with a baptism and new fire at 7pm.

Dr. Brad Jersak continues to journey with us drawing from the wisdom of Holy Scripture, his faith experience and the ancient ancestors who were some of the first Christian wonderers (the Patristics).

Bring bells to Church on Sunday morning as we will ring them each time we hear the word we've been fasting from through Lent. It rhymes with Dalleluia.


With Love, 


 p.s. please find attached the bulletin for Sunday's service