The Book of Genesis (12:1-4a); Paul’s Letter to the Romans (4:1-5, 13-17); the Gospel according to John (3:1-17)
Night Gardening

Is life possible even in difficult environments?

Of course, it is. This is essence of Christian faith. We believe that life conquers death, that light shines in darkness, that love supersedes fear. Faith is an action, not a set of creeds or dogmas. To have faith means to participate in the grand vision of God that affirms life, peace, joy, kindness, goodness, love, justice, etc. We do this because we believe God’s vision for the world is good, true, beautiful, & possible despite overwhelming evidence that suggests otherwise. At least we try to.

We live a lot of our spiritual lives at night. In spiritual terms night is that time of life that is burdened by fear, doubt, or disorientation. Night is when we question whether God’s vision is real or not. Night is when we struggle to understand God’s ways. Spiritual night wonders if any of this is all true. It is natural. It is real. It is scary.

Nicodemus comes to Jesus in his spiritual night. He has questions. He is uncertain. But he knows Jesus is the light.

Can anything grow at night? With Jesus, the Gardener, yes.