St. Dunstan’s Centre for Spiritual Renewal offers opportunities to meet one-on-one or in a group with a trained Spiritual Companion. Please call the office at 604.856.5393 to arrange a meeting.

The Rite of Reconciliation

An ancient liturgy to help people in transition, distress or for confession. This is available free of charge by the priest.  

Healing Prayer

Healing prayer is offered each Sunday at the Celebration of Holy Eucharist. Trained pray-ers offer support with the anointing of oil.  

Individual Spiritual Companionship

This is an opportunity for one-on-one personal accompaniment on the spiritual journey. We can connect people with local spiritual directors from a variety of traditions. Each director offers their services at a cost paid directly to the director.  

Group Spiritual Companions

These are gatherings of four to eight people for monthly sharing and listening. 

Listening Prayer Ministry

This is a form of prayer where one meets with two prayer facilitators in a quiet setting to listen and invite God’s healing presence into a present dilemma or an unhealed memory. Listening Prayer sessions can often be a way to look at past trauma and wounds is safe ways. A friend is welcome to attend with the person needing this practice.

Prayer Circles

These are for those needing to be encircled in community for a specific season in one’s life (severe illness, discernment, encouragement and strengthening, etc.)  The person receiving prayer ministry chooses who they want to be invited to their circle (3 – 6 people). A liturgy pertinent to the needs of the person (Ministry to the Sick, Ministry at Death, Reconciliation, Thanksgiving for a child, the Blessing of a Home) is done at a home or in the church. A Prayer Circle may include liturgical prayers, a hymn, scripture, silence, listening to God in community, sharing, anointing with oil and Communion. A Prayer Shawl can be offered to the person who has come for prayer.