The Anglican Church of Canada believes this.

We believe that, too.

We also believe that God has placed us in the Fraser Valley to offer prayer for the world and our communities

We believe that God connects with us in Baptism, Bread & Wine, regular Confession & Absolution, Prayers for Healing, Times of Spiritual Commitment, the Blessing of Relationships, and in our ongoing Discernment of our Vocation. We call these connections sacraments.

We believe that God's Word (Jesus) can be discerned in Holy Scripture with care and diligence.

We believe that God has a wonderful future for this world and invites us to share in it, even when that future is obscured by violence.

We believe we have a personal and communal responsibility to do all we can to promote justice, peace and joy - the signs of God's presence in the world.

We believe you are part of this community.